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I’m lily. I am owned by Master known as [info]orpheus77on LJ. This journal is devoted to our relationship within slavery and out of it. We believe in a highly integrated form of D/s. We live it daily with love and devotion while meshing this way of life with the responsibilities of "normal" life. When I started this journal a few years ago it was all about the D/s and M/f, but it has become my main journal. So there is a little of everything in here.

I write about my daily goings on in all its infinite mediocrity, my feelings on my slavery, its ease, its difficulties, its constant push to become deeper than it was. I am liberal in most of my beliefs and have a open view on religion and politics.

I have found though that some of my M/f views are not widely held. Some of it seems extreme to a select bunch, basic to others and desirable to others yet. There was a time I took this judgment personally, but I understand now that all of us are on so many paths and so many different parts of those journeys and though we may all start off with a common need, goals are so widely diverse that there is no way to have a consensus.

And there need be none.

We can learn from each other if we wish it. We can enjoy the company of others even in disagreement of how we should live our lives. We just have to want to.

If you want to get to know me and my mad cap group of friends, please click the link below and comment. Let me know how you know me/where you found me. I am no longer blindly adding friends so if there is no comment, your journal is brand new or if we've had no interaction you will not be added. (Nothing personal. This is just a saftey and boundary issue, not an elitist one. You can thank the crazy f*cks out there for that.)

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